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Ritual Intimates

Akron Ohio's empowerment & boudoir studio


I'm Maddie

and I'm here to welcome you on your journey - wherever you may be.

Your self-celebration advocate, and the camera wielder behind Ritual Intimates. When I'm not making magic in my studio you'll find me in the woods, at a concert, playing video games, or hanging out with the people I love most.


I am deeply inspired by light, nature, films, music, and movement - and I am forever inspired by everyone who steps in front of my camera. We are living art, and it's my goal to show that to people.


I have been photographing for over 10 years and Ritual Intimates was created to honor the magic we hold, just by simply existing as we are right now. Existing in a body and navigating through life is not easy - but the most important thing my photo journey has shown me is the priceless value of being documented, and how divine, powerful, and deserving of love we are. You will always have a place in my studio.


Empowerment awaits

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Reasons to take the boudie plunge are ever-changing and there isn't a wrong answer - from milestone celebrations, to birthdays, weddings, to self discovery and 'just because I deserve it' (hell yes). You are living art and you deserve to see yourself as such.