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Calling all muses, our first  2024 Boudie Call is opening 3/8



At Ritual Intimates, we capture more than just an image; we create an experience that celebrates the art, story & self of every individual. Our exclusive Be (y)our Muse boudie call transcends traditional boudoir photography, and is an open invitation for you to see yourself as art & partake in a transformative experience where your magic meets our studio.


Empower your inner muse.

What Is *Be (Y)our Muse*?


Be (y)our Muse is our version of a boudie call, a specially curated opportunity for those eager to revel in the Ritual Intimates experience with special discounts - new & previous clients are always welcome. In exchange for your permission to allow us to showcase your photographs on our platforms, we offer you a discounted session where you are not just a client but a source of inspiration—a muse to yourself, our studio, and others. These sessions will be available for in-studio sessions, and participants will have first dibs on our remaining 2024 dates.

Your 4-5 hour session experience includes:

- Professional hair and makeup

- Pre-session consulting

- 90 minute session

- Professional posing & guidance

- Payment plan options

- Client closet access

- Private viewing & ordering appointment

Why Participate?


- Embrace Self-Expression: This is your chance to explore and embrace your own sensuality, in a safe and empowering environment.

- Exclusive Muse Discount: A $199 sitting fee is required at booking & is applied towards your professional hair and makeup, and will be returned to you in the form of a $199 credit + 5% off of any digital collections, Luxe Collections, albums, and heirloom boxes making this experience both indulgent & accessible.

- Professional Imagery: Benefit from our expertly styled & retouched photos curated to you & our studio's style that you'll cherish for a lifetime. Art does not depreciate over time.

- Be your own inspiration: Seeing ourselves as the works of art we are is something everyone should feel & experience.

celebrate Your Radiance


This is an opportunity to join us in our ever-growing community that honors body positivity and self-love. To take the leap to see yourself as art is an act of courage that amplifies empowerment through vulnerability. Become your own beacon of confidence, and see your strength through your portrayal.

the fine print


Be (y)our Muse has a limited number of spots for a limited time. Participants from all walks of life, of all shapes & sizes, all humans are encouraged to join us. We maintain a strict privacy policy and your images will be shared with the utmost respect and discretion. As stated above, please note that this is a discounted experience, not free, and that digitals or collections of your choice are a separate & mandatory purchase. Clients can change their privacy preferences at anytime, discounts will simply be omitted.

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