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Your guide to choosing outfits for your boudoir session

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One of the most common questions I receive from clients is - *what do I wear??* I understand the whirlwind of feelings & excitement boudoir and intimate imagery can encompass - and feeling good about your outfits is an important aspect of your session. I'm here to help you along every step in the way, including talking about the different shopping options, styles of outfits, and touching on the duality of honoring your comfort + trying new things (and everything in-between) <3

#1 - What makes you feel powerful?

I am such a believer in the mind-body connection - confidence is a feeling. I want you to think about any outfits or situations that make you FEEL unstoppable. This can be many things, anything really, intimate or not. For example: I feel most powerful when I picture myself as a renaissance painting, or like a feminine, divine creature in the woods. I also feel like a badass when I'm holding a weapon. Do you feel beautiful in sequins, velvet, and satin? Do you love the way a certain fabric drapes along your waist or neckline? Do you love a certain color on you? Do you feel hot and supported when you wear xyz?

- we're going to try to channel that energy to lingerie form, if you will.

Also, just think about styles of lingerie that you like! Whether it's been on you, or something you've seen on someone else.

boudoir photographer in akron ohio

#2 - Shop in that direction.

When you picture your power, what colors did you visualize? Any particular styles come to mind? Since so many lingerie stores are geared toward shopping online, start your search. Some of my absolute favorite sites to shop for lingerie are Solstice Intimates (vintage dreaminess), Thistle and Spire (femme fatale vibes), and Honey Birdette (spicy, high-end), and Playful Promises (excellent variety, great quality + specific sizing).

Some more great places to shop are Fashion Nova, Parade, Torrid, 3 Wishes, Frederick's of Hollywood, Shein, For Love and Lemons, Honey Birdette, Hips and Curves, Amazon, SavagexFenty, Victoria's Secret, and AdoreMe. I've done my best to ensure there is a variety of sizes for everyBODY through all of these shopping options - and I'm always expanding my search.

Check out the different styles & colors and say yes to some outfits that might scare you a little bit.

boudoir photographer in Ohio

"Revel in the wonder of your body, for it is a miracle of bones, flesh, and spirit; a celebration of unfathomable magic."

#3 - Don't be afraid to try some different styles - boudoir can be many things

It is forever 1000% valid and reasonable for us to shop within our comfort parameters - and know that I will never make you wear anything you do not want to during your session. Your comfort is number one always. Body image issues can sometimes cause us to be hard on ourselves & make us feel limited in our choices - please know that is not the case, you are not alone, and that there are amazing options out there for you & your beautiful vessel.

I will always encourage you to try out any styles/outfits you're a little unsure about, but you kind of like it - because it could end up being your faaaavorite outfit ever.

boudoir photographer in Ohio

#4 - Simple is good, too!

Some of my favorite images ever taken of me were in very basic bodysuits that fit me well + complimented features of my body that I like. Simpler lingerie can also leave room for fun statement pieces - such as a robe, body harness or body chain, fishnet tights, garters, stockings, etc! There are so many awesome combinations if you are into that.

#5 - Try on your outfits before your session

Lastly - try on your outfits before your session! It's important to know how you feel in them, and how comfortable it is to move. Some tips to keep in mind are that you don't want your outfit to be too tight (cutting/digging into the skin), and you also don't want your outfit to be too loose (falling off of you)! When shopping for bottoms, it's important they fit you well and can be worn a bit higher up on your hips than you might be used to. If you are someone that needs more breast support, shop for pieces that have support/underwire in the top of your piece and adjustable straps.

I hope this helps any shopping endeavors feel a little less scary and more exciting, because the options out there can be really amazing! XOXO

There is an outfit for everyone, always <3

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