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I don't quite know what I'm doing yet, but we'll figure it out, right?

My why:

I've wanted to start a blog series for a long time, for many reasons - the main one being I feel like I have a ton of shit that I could talk about, ranging from things pertaining to what's going on in my studio, my profession, boudoir stuff, empowerment/life stuff, personal stuff, and everything in between. What better way to spill it than to do it here in a place meant to organize my thoughts (sort of)?!

Lol, what took ya so long?

Well, to be honest I didn't know how to do this or where to start until I started digging into building my website and being self employed! So here we are, I'm literally typing this and hoping that everything turns out good *insert crying/laughing emoji*

What's next?

Be on the look out for some semi-regular blog posts! My goal is to do one monthly - if not more!

*here's an awesome throwback from our mini group shoot last fall*

Regardless, I'm just happy you're here! Talk to you soon :)

<3 Maddie

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